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Beef / Pork Bulk Offering Comparison Chart

OfferingFreezer Size RequirementPrice per Pound Customer Chooses CutsPayment Plan Available Cold Storage at SonRise Ranch Available
Full or Half Beef8 to 15 Cubic Feet (5 sizes of Beef available)$11 to $13 / lb.(avg)YesNoYes
Quarter Beef4 to 6 Cubic Feet$14 / lb.NoYes (3 months)Yes
Half Hog3 to 5 Cubic Feet$18 / lb.NoNoNo
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Half Hog (65 to 80 lbs)
Half Hog (65 to 80 lbs)
Approximate price each $1,229.64

Half Hogs come with a great selection of Roasts, Chops, Bacon and Sausage.

Smaller in size than a Quarter Beef, but just as delicious. Cut and prepacked in vacuum sealed bags, these are convince and offer the ultimate in food security in an unstable world.

You will save by buying in bulk. These pair nicely with a Quarter Beef for offering a healthy variety and not tiring from one protein type.
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