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If you are like us, it can be difficult to stand by and watch someone you love eat their way towards disease and sickness by patronizing the industrial food system.

We faced this often at the Farmers Markets when dealing with the public. If you're reading this, you probably associate with folks who know what integrity food really looks like. They already have a suspicion of the massive grocery chains and their shady, purposefully confusing definitions designed to fool the consumer into giving up their last dollar. When we run into these folks - those "in the know", they often jump up and down with excitement from having finally found an ethical source of pasture-based livestock for their protein needs.

The other group, those that don't know the truth about what is really happening in America's Farms - from chemicals to antibiotics - seems to just ask inquisitively "why is this so expensive?"

At this point we would explain how true Grass-Fed & Finished Beef has 6X the nutrition that fake "grass-fed" does. That a cow can be given antibiotics and 91 days later be considered "antibiotic free" by the USDA. That Beef can now be raised overseas in countries that clearcut ancient forests and as long as it is repackaged in the United States can then be labeled "Product of the USA".

At this point in our little discussion at the Farmers Market, no one was trying to sell anything - we just wanted to help them see the truth.

And... to be honest, it usually doesn't work.

So we'd give them a package of our ground beef and we'd say, "Here, take this home and try this and then tell me - is it is not the best beef you've ever tasted?"

And you know what?

They came back...and were hooked forever!

So, if you really want to speak volumes to your non-Grass-Fed eating relative with a chronic illness, or that co-worker who has cancer from eating pesticide-ridden, genetically-modified food at McDonalds their whole lives, try this -

A gift.

Believe it or not, humans heal - sometimes very quickly. You might just see the same results we do. You might save a life.

Give the gift of health - it is the pinnacle of true care for our fellow seekers. Remember, at one point, someone, somewhere helped you.

Here you will find our suggestions - we call these gifts with a purpose. Yes, the holidays or Fourth of July are a time for celebration and fun. But if you really need to send a subtle message with your gift, one like "Hey, we care about you and you health," this is a great way to go.
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GIFT CERTIFICATE Landjaeger 3 pack + Jerky Combo
Landjaeger 3 pack + Jerky Combo
Combo Package Price $29.99