Three ways to Save on Our Products

1. Place an order over $150 and get free shipping*

We do not have a minimum order size, but if you order more than $150 - your shipping is free! If you order less than $150 the cost of shipping averages less than $1 per pound of product ordered.

2. Monthly Box Subscriptions - regularly save up to 20% or more!

Becoming a Box member is easy. We rely on committed customers to support SonRise Ranch on a steady basis. Select from either the Standard (we pick) or Custom (you pick) Box program and start saving today! These customers get the best pricing. We do this by offering a Monthly Box Subscription as an on-going, month-to-month pledge. Box Members receive a shipment each month and help us plan our Ranch and animal outputs. In exchange for continued, consistent and reliable support we offer our Box Members a substantial discount (as much as 20% off retail market pricing) via this program.

You can learn more about or Box Subscriptions by clicking here.

Once you are a Box Member, you may shop at anytime from our Box Members only section and save not only on your monthly Box, but all month long, whenever you place an order. Our Box members typically pay up to 20% less just by joining the Box program - and they enjoy a better selection of products. Click here to see what Custom Box Members pay.

3. Split a whole Beef with a friend or neighbor

Save up to 85% on retail pricing. Own a Beef on our Ranch, then have it harvested via your custom cutting preferences (steaks in the thickness you desire, etc) from our Custom Butcher Program. This results in all cuts costing as little as $8.00 per pound.

You can learn more about or Custom Harvested Full or Half Beef program by clicking here

*limited to certain regions