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Our Chicken Box was originally designed as an “Add on” to our other monthly boxes. We did this for two reasons. First, we could never seem to guarantee the stock levels. Chickens are seasonal (can’t grow them in the winter) and we refuse to confine them, so we wanted the limited inventory to be dedicated to our monthly supporters.

Secondly, our Chicken tastes so fresh (even after being frozen) that we couldn’t keep it in stock. I can see why the “big guys” get tempted to build a year round confinement factory – hundreds of customers begging for your product in the off season can drive a Rancher wild.

But, we just continued on with our small time methods, not wanting to sacrifice quality for quantity. And it has paid off; we are now able to slowly add more chickens to the harvest each year. And as of the publication of this page, we can keep up.

Thanks for supporting local Ranching…enjoy the harvest!

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Pastured Chicken Box Monthly Subscription
Pastured Chicken Box Monthly Subscription
Price per month $75.00

Pastured Chicken Box Monthly Subscription