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Our hogs live out in the fields, just like they should - free range!

Hogs should live on the pasture. Confinement pork tastes bland and is full of antibiotics - why? Because a hog living on concrete in 4 square feet of space with no outside contact is assured to be one thing - sick, and in constant pain (their trotters were designed to live on dirt).

Because any conventional Rancher worth his salt is going to give a sick hog antibiotics before he loses it to disease or illness, you end up getting a poor tasting, horribly sick animal from which you got your meat...and, you guessed it - a ton of free antibiotics are included - if you want them?

Not here at SonRise.

No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Confinement, No Concrete, No Soy, No GMOs