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We take great care in raising beef right to produce the best Roasts possible. Each Roast is dry aged to exactness for enhanced flavor and richness.

Dry aging also tenderizes the meat by breaking down the muscle to its maximum potential – a delicate balance that keeps tenderness, taste and juiciness at an optimum.

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Grass fed & finished, Dry Aged, Brisket Grass fed & finished, Dry Aged, Bone-in Chuck Roast
Grass fed & finished, Dry Aged, Brisket
Price for a 1 lb. roast $14.30
Grass-fed and finished, hand cut, dry aged, beef brisket Grass-fed and finished, dry aged, bone-in chuck roast. A classic beef roast that becomes full of rich flavor when braised. Ours add another dimension due to the dry aging process we use to bring depth to the taste and texture.