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RAW Dog Food Chewable Items

We believe that our pets need good nutrients just like our bodies do – this works well with our two fold philosophy of ranching. First, don’t waste anything… I get this mostly from my Father-in-law, who still has an old broken flash light from 1953 in his barn – it will never work again, but “we'd better keep that darn thang 'case we need parts, Son”.

For us, this translates a bit differently in the modern world – our policy is that we use all the parts of our beef that we can. The bones are sold as soup stock, the liver and organ meats are sold or eaten and, of course the extra non-human edible parts are made into pet foods that are awesome for our Dogs and Cats.

Secondly, we believe in taking care of our animals – yes, the Beef, Hogs and Chicken need care, yes, they deserve the best life we can provide, but our Dogs and Cats do too. So, we feed raw foods to our pets. Just like eating Grass-fed beef, the benefits are tremendous.

Take some time to read the label on a can of Dog food, or one of those gigantic 50 lb bags of Dog food from Costco – you will see that they get the worst of the worse. Our pet foods include only those things that an animal would eat in nature – including “bone dust” – a critical element of a natural diet.

One word of warning – pets raised on Raw Food do well on our products, pets that have never had it before, adjust very slowly. Our programs start with a very small dose each day and move up from there.

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