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Our chickens live free range, in “chicken tractors” that move every day. Their manure is nitrogen rich, which is essential for the growth of grass used in our Grass-fed beef. Our chickens live outdoors, eat bugs and are exposed to the sunlight - essential elements to their growth and taste. These critical techniques make all the difference in the world when it comes to flavor and texture.

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Pastured Chicken Bones Pastured Chicken Gizzards Pastured Whole Turkey Deposit - Holiday 2020
Pastured Chicken Bones
Price for a 4.5 lb. to 5.5 lb. box of bones $45.00
Pastured Chicken Gizzards
Price per pound $12.00
Pastured Whole Turkey Deposit - Holiday 2020
Order by March 31st for the 2020 Holiday Season
Deposit for 16-22+ lb. bird $60.00
Pastured Chicken Backs Pastured Chicken Necks Pastured Chicken Feet
Pastured Chicken Backs
Price per lb. $10.00
Pastured Chicken Necks
Price per pound $13.00
Pastured Chicken Feet
Price per pound $23.00